Boost Email Marketing ROI with Data Cleansing & Data Appending

Just as you spring clean your house every year to declutter unnecessary things; the same goes with your email list database as well, isn’t it?

Email lists decay by 20%-22% every year and data cleansing aka data scrubbing not only helps in maintaining your email list hygiene but also helps in maximizing your email marketing ROI. Thereby, to maintain a healthy email list, email list cleaning is a priority in any email marketer’s schedule so as to ensure maximum CTRs, qualified leads, and open rates. Continue reading


Data quality: Whose job is it?

A recent survey suggests a significant disconnect in many organizations between the people creating data and those managing it. The IT department is usually held responsible for maintaining quality data, but those entering the data are not. “Data quality responsibility, for the most part, is not assigned to those directly engaged in its capture,” according to a survey by 451 Research on enterprise data quality. Continue reading

Improve Your Email Marketing With a Clean Prospect List

If you’re a regular reader of CrazyEgg, you already know the importance of building an email prospect list. But, did you know your list needs cleaning occasionally? It’s true, a clean list means fewer complaints, a better return on your marketing dollars, higher engagement from your list, and even a better brand image for your company. Continue reading

Email Validation: How Email Verification Really Works

Maintaining a healthy reputation with ISPs and ESPs, and achieving a high deliverability rate is becoming increasingly challenging for marketers today. Even if your email address acquisition practices are organic, and they follow all the standards for email marketing, they still run the risk of falling victim to spam traps. And because spam traps, bounce rates and complaint rates will determine your reputation as a sender, you can’t afford to ignore this fact. Continue reading

The Top 5 Benefits of Real-Time Validation Services


Today’s e-commerce is bigger than ever; do you have a handle on your growing email list? Almost every online business requires robust email campaigns for sustained business, but lists can easily get bogged down with typos and fraudulent data. Left uncorrected, these faulty entries will cause you to lose out on sales, harm your reputation and possibly suffer fines and penalties for spam. Continue reading

Why Data Cleansing Is Critical to Your Marketing Campaign

Successful marketing campaigns rely on data, but in order for that data to be useful to the company, data cleansing needs to be a priority. Data cleansing is the process of removing any duplicate data, incorrect or improperly formatted data, or incomplete data, so you’re left with only the most relevant, high-quality data available. By ensuring your data collections are routinely cleansed of useless data sets, you can simplify data analysis and build a more effective marketing campaign. Continue reading

How Email Validation Works: Spam Trap Detection

Remember back in grade school when a few misbehaving students would cheat on an exam and the teacher would re-test the entire class? Even though you may not have been a part of the offending group, you still had to suffer the consequences. This is precisely what is happening with spam traps. Even if you’re not sending spam messages to your marketing lists, you could still end up blocked by providers due to spam traps. Continue reading

6 Challenges Email Validation Helps You Overcome

The road to email marketing success isn’t always smooth. On its way to your customer,
your carefully honed message can hit a variety of roadblocks. It could bounce or hit a spam filter, rendering it pretty much useless — or possibly detrimental — to your overall campaign. But deploying an effective email validation strategy can help you address many of these challenges. Continue reading