5 Best Practices for Data Cleaning

Before implementing data cleaning, it’s important to look at the big picture, otherwise you may drown in a mess of old, inaccurate contact data. What are your goals and expectations? How do you plan to execute it successfully? As you implement data cleaning, keep the following tips in mind. Continue reading


Keeping it Clean: The Five Step Data Cleansing Process

Data cleansing is hard to do, hard to maintain, hard to know where to start. There seem to always be errors, dupes, or format inconsistencies. One of the most challenging aspects of data cleansing has got to be maintaining a clean list of data, whether it’s sourced from multiple vendors or manually entered by your hard-working interns, or a combination of both. One mistype could create a whole myriad of problems within your database, and can lead to hours upon hours of manual cleansing that could so easily have been avoided. So what is the solution to these frustrating, time consuming problems? Continue reading

Data quality: Whose job is it?

A recent survey suggests a significant disconnect in many organizations between the people creating data and those managing it. The IT department is usually held responsible for maintaining quality data, but those entering the data are not. “Data quality responsibility, for the most part, is not assigned to those directly engaged in its capture,” according to a survey by 451 Research on enterprise data quality. Continue reading

Improve Your Email Marketing With a Clean Prospect List

If you’re a regular reader of CrazyEgg, you already know the importance of building an email prospect list. But, did you know your list needs cleaning occasionally? It’s true, a clean list means fewer complaints, a better return on your marketing dollars, higher engagement from your list, and even a better brand image for your company. Continue reading

The Down and Dirty on Dirty Data: How Data Cleansing Can Improve Your Online Lead Generation

Marketing data is one of the most valuable assets a company holds. Leads and customer information help you target groups most likely to purchase your products. This data gives you a tool to stay in touch with those who have expressed an interest in your company and to provide valuable customers with offers that are most likely to generate sales. More than that, marketing data is a powerful asset when it comes time to develop new products. Continue reading

4 Ways Data Cleansing Will Enhance Data Analysis

Data cleansing is the process of cleaning up all company data by discarding incorrect, incomplete, duplicate, or outdated datasets. It’s a vital practice among all businesses and can considerably enhance the effectiveness of data analysis, thus increasing the success of your marketing campaign. With dirty data, you’re likely spending more money on your marketing than needed, failing to generate as many leads as you could, and receiving Continue reading

What is Data Cleansing and Clean Data?

To set your marketing campaigns up for success, clean data is essential. From the free-form field a customer uses to submit his/her country of residence (e.g., “US,” “U.S.,” “USA,” “U.S.A,” or “United States of America) to his email address, every piece of data collected must be consistent and accurate. After all, how can you reach your target audience if your database is marked with incorrect contacts or outdated information? Every part of a customer’s contact data can substantially improve incremental marketing ROI which is why data cleansing (or data scrubbing) is imperative. Here’s how to identify dirty data and keep your database squeaky clean. Continue reading

Reducing Data Cleansing Time to Get Actionable Insights Faster

If you categorized how you spend your time at work every day, on which tasks do you spend the bulk of your time? Most business analysts spend 50 to 80 percent their time preparing their data for analysis, which includes pulling, cleansing, manipulating and formatting their data. This leaves them with only 20 to 50 percent of their time to focus on actual analysis and uncover actionable insights. That’s quite the dedication of hours. Continue reading

Append + Cleanse = A Winning Combo for Email Marketing

As email marketing becomes increasingly more sophisticated and challenging, data appending and list cleansing play an ever more important part in achieving marketing success. Experian QAS’s recent study found that the most common types of email database errors are incomplete or missing data, outdated information and duplicate data. As Experian notes, businesses that operate on inaccurate information risk wasting resources and damaging the customer experience they work so hard to create. Continue reading