Understanding Why Email List Cleaning is Such an Integral Part of Email Validation

OK, so you decided to start sending emails to your customers, leads or prospects, but you just realized that after attempting to upload your list into Mailchimp, SendGrid, ExactTarget, Constant Contact or one of a handful of other ESPs (email service providers), they shut you down before your list was even fully uploaded. WOW, that’s a shocker. Considering that you haven’t sent an email to any of these people ever, or in a very long time, why would this come as a shock? It shouldn’t – The simple fact is that 2-3% of all email address are abandoned, become inactive or are changed every month. As with most ESPs, when you sign up for a new account and think you can simply upload your email list and start mailing, you might be in for a big surprise, when they tell you your list is not acceptable.


So now what? Most ESPs will either direct you to a company that can assist you in cleaning up and validating your email list or show you the door, with a note taped to your back that says “Get Lost”, as you hear the door slam behind you.

What is Email List Cleaning?

Email list cleaning is a service, usually provided by a specialty data company that will compare your email addresses to a large compiled master list of email addresses that are known to be bad or problematic. These are email addresses you’ll never want to send an email marketing message, advertisement or any email to ever. This works by identifying, purging and removing bad, invalid, known hard bounce, seed, honeypot, duplicate, complainer and BOT email data from your list.

What is Email Validation?

Email validation is a service, usually provided by a specialty data company that will validate every single email in your list by using either a proprietary or non-proprietary application that will determine if the email address is valid and deliverable or not. This service should always be done by a professional company and never requires an email being sent to the end user while validating.

Just how clean is your data? Identify where your data requires attention, allowing you to choose which areas to improve.

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OK, are we still on the same page? Simple Right? So, why doesn’t 2+2=4?

So logically, you would assume that the first step that most of the specialty data companies that provide these services would do is clean out and remove the bad email addresses you should never send an email to prior to validating the email addresses in your list. While this sounds like a pretty good, simple and intelligent idea, it’s utterly astonishing that most companies that provide these types of services don’t do both. Email Answers is the only company that offers a complete service that will clean and validate an email list. You should also consider the fact that Email Answers service is 80% less expensive than any legitimate competitor. When I started doing some research on Google, it blew my mind that the handful of companies who offer email validation don’t (or maybe can’t) offer email list cleaning as part of their service.

Article From: www.emailanswers.com